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New Year, New Goals

Emily Kromer, Staff

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With the arrival of 2017, the calendar isn’t the only thing changing. People across the world use the new year as a gateway to improving their daily lives. New Year’s Resolutions are an extremely popular trend and encourage people to create a more positive future.

New Year’s Resolutions vary from goal to goal. One student at Lake Shore shared how her father took a giant step and decided to quit smoking. “He has tried to quit before; I think he sees that if he keeps smoking it will greatly affect his future,” she says. Others students, like Dakota Glashauser, have set the goal of working out more. Goals such as becoming more physically active, eating healthier, and improving one’s overall well-being are very common resolutions. Dakota says that, “Even if I am not successful, it is a great way to start the year off.” Junior, Jade Cozzo, has also jumped on the bandwagon of setting a resolution. She says, “My goal this year is to improve my grades. I plan on having a 95 overall average”.

Setting resolutions like these sets a good foundation and opens new doors for people aspiring to become a better version of themselves. In order to achieve these personal targets, Owen Bitnum believes that people must “Keep your resolutions realistic but enough to motivate you to make yourself a better person.”

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New Year, New Goals