Green and White


Emily Kromer, Staff

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Damp sidewalks,
Distant thunder and escaping sunlight.

The sky was its palette,
Morphed colors in one beam.

Slowly, life emerged from hiding,
And crawled into the new light.

Shadows cascaded over the soddened buildings,
Clouds drifted away,
Avoiding the overwhelming slivers of sun.

People stop and glance,
For a brief second,
Only to go on with their lives.

The rainbow arches over all that is pure,
And some find it their cure.

Something as simple as colored mist,
Sinks in the heart and plants a kiss,
On one’s happiness that they have missed.

Emily Kromer

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One Response to “Rainbow”

  1. Sandra Gerhard on April 13th, 2017 1:24 pm

    Great job Emily.


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