The Highland Hose Haunted House takes place every year at their fire hall in Derby, NY. Go check it out next year on Halloween.

Highland Hose Fire Hall

The Highland Hose Haunted House takes place every year at their fire hall in Derby, NY. Go check it out next year on Halloween.

Adam Brzozowiec

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          Most of the time, teenagers stop trick-or-treating and are looking for something fun to do other than just sit at home. The Highland Hose Volunteer Fire Department’s annual haunted house is exactly what got everyone off their couches and caused hair to stand on their backs. Even though the weather was a little cold, wet, and overall depressing, Highland Hose blew that all away with its thrilling and spooky haunted house.


          The haunted house was put on by volunteers from the fire department and the Ladies Auxiliary. What really attracts people is the fact that it is free. This haunted house is put on for three hours from 7pm-10pm on October 31st, 2017 through the whole fire hall by volunteers that look the part with their makeup and clothing. They create a great atmosphere for all ages on Halloween.


          Olivia Slotman, a volunteer and actor from the event said, “Personally I had so much fun helping to set up and be a part of the haunted house. It’s such a fun and safe way for kids to enjoy Halloween and for everyone to come together and interact with others.” This event provides a great sense of comradery to the community. Personally, I made this a tradition since 2007 which brings our family a lot closer together. Being together definitely creates a memorable experience.


          After the exciting experience, everyone enters a room of laughs and smiles that are filled with refreshments (water, cider, and coffee), donuts, and, of course, candy, while socializing with others about the fun experience. The whole experience is a safe and fun event that gains more and more support every year. It is definitely a great competitor with other haunted houses, but better because it is free. These volunteers that risk their lives daily for everyone’s safety care about the community because this event keeps everyone connected and unified in a fun and safe environment. Every year the Haunted house is looking for volunteers


          Slotman explained it is a, “Good event for people to volunteer because not only are you helping the kids in the community to have fun, but you can have a good time as well.


          If anyone ever has a chance on Halloween and are bored come check it out and get involved and simultaneously making some exciting memories.