The Addams Family Musical

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The Addams Family Musical

Madison Roncone

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Two families brought together by two children in love face hardships between themselves when they are forced to spend the night together. This set the stage for Lake Shore High School’s presentation of The Addams Family from February 8-10. Gomez Addams, played by senior Alex Silfies, must face the love of his life, Morticia Addams, played by senior Eliza Vail, as she suspects she is being told lies. Meanwhile, Wednesday Addams, played by freshman Chloe Budziszewski, is conflicted by the problems of young love with Lucas Beineke, played by sophomore Gavin Ingrao.

The cast and crew worked day and night for almost three months to put on the show. The show included many detailed sets, catchy songs and dark costumes to interpret a night in the life of the Addams family.

Alex Silfies said that his last high school musical was a great experience and that he has mixed emotions that the show is now over.

“I feel very ‘happy sad’ that my last musical is over, I am happy that it happened, but sad that it’s over. I am going to miss working with all of the great people involved, like Miss Nichols and Mrs. Fetterick.”

Silfies, just like all of the other musical members, had worked hard to produce spot on interpretations of the characters. Silfies’ character, Gomez Addams, had a thick Spanish accent, which he pulled off perfectly. He says he studied hard for the part, and even asked for a little help from online Spanish accent tutorials.

“For every musical, I always watch the movie versions and watch them repeatedly,” Silfies explained, “I watched all of the Addam’s Family movies and T.V. episodes. For the accent I prepared a few different ways, Miss Nichols helped me prepare by talking in a Spanish accent and to help me pronounce certain words.”

Along Gomez’s side, there was Morticia Addams, played by senior Eliza Vail, who played the dark character perfectly. Vail’s combination of her deep, sultry voice and her classy demeanor proved that she was a perfect fit for the character.

The Addam’s Family is just another example of how hard Lake Shore High School’s music department works hard to put on a thrilling performance for the community.