St. Patrick’s Day

Anna Ippolito, Writer

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Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17th. The celebration started in 1631 when the church established a Feast Day in honor of St. Patrick. He was a Patron Saint of Ireland who died around the fifth century. Very few people know who he actually was, according to Marion Casey, a clinical assistant professor of Irish at New York University.

Legend says that St. Patrick was actually born a Maewyn Succat, but later changed his name to Patricius (or Parick), which comes from the Latin term “father figure,” after he became a priest.

Many modern day celebrations have took shape during the 1700s. In 1762, the first New York City parade took place. It wasn’t until 1798, the year of the Irish Rebellion, that the color green became the official color associated with the holiday.  Up until the rebellion, the color that was first involved with St. Patricks Day was blue, it was featured both in the royal court and ancient Irish flags.

Another successful St.Patrick’s Day has come and gone  and no matter how much parting that went on that day or even the day after, celebrating here in Buffalo NY, is one of the greatest thing about it. Make sure you cherish all the memories and good times you get to have with friends and family.