Senior Song Chain

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Senior Song Chain

Dakota Glashauser

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In February, The LS AOBF Senior Class started a song chain to make a fun way to countdown the days till graduation. Every day in second period, the class selects three songs off of the chain and add them to a playlist that all of the seniors can listen to after graduation.

Each student selected a few songs they enjoy and combined them to form the chain. Each day, the class works on assignments while enjoying their songs for the day.

Before the chain was created a select few of the students were just playing songs they enjoyed. The songs became repetitive and some of the students were not getting their input on song choice.

Mackenzie Alvira, one of the seniors came up with the idea of the chain to get the whole class involved. By creating this it brought a stronger bond between the academy group

The chain hangs in Academy Teacher, Dan Gerken’s room and gets shorter every day to represent graduation getting closer and closer.

It has opened the group to a wide range of music, giving a taste of all types of music. Some of the songs that have played thus far include “Good Old Days” by Macklemore featuring Kesha, “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt, “Walk on Water” by Eminem, “Lucky” by Jason Mraz, “Country Roads Take Me Home” by John Denver and “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC.

Emily Kromer said that “it is a good incentive to come to class and that the end of senior year is close but we still have time to make memories”.

Lexi Mcmurray said “it means family”.

Mickey Alvira said “it’s really the last thing we can do together as a class”.

This is a fun thing to help close out the year for the class and allow a memory for after high school in the playlist. The class hopes that this will help keep a bond between the group after they all go their separate ways after graduation.