Bills NFL Draft

Dakota Glashauser

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After the Buffalo Bills stunned many and broke their 17 year playoff drought, they continued to stun the world by trading up, not once, but twice in the NFL draft.  The draft was held in Dallas, Texas where everything is Big. The Bills were the big movers of the night, moving from the 12th and 22nd pick of the first round and trading to the 7th and 16th.The team selected two players they hope to be leaders, Josh Allen, a quarterback out of Wyoming and Tremaine Edmunds, a linebacker out of Virginia Tech.

Allen has been consider the biggest wild card quarterback out of the top five selected. He has phenomenal arm strength but there are concerns about his accuracy.

Bills fan Zach Pirog said of Allen “He is tall, has huge hands and a rocket arm.”

Allen is able to throw a ball anywhere on the field and will have no trouble playing in the harsh winter weather in Buffalo.  In Wyoming, Allen faced similar conditions with weather and did not struggle. The Bills are hoping Allen was worth trading up for, believing he could be the franchise quarterback they have been waiting for since Jim Kelly in the 1990s.  Allen is the highest quarterback selected by the franchise in there history at the 7th overall pick. If the Bills can help turn Allen’s raw talent into a star quarterback, the team could be a force in the AFC for years to come.

Edmunds is only 19 and is physically built for success.  He stands at 6’5 and has tremendous speed. Bills Coach Sean McDermott has already slotted Edmunds in as the starting middle linebacker and leader of the defense. He will be in charge of commanding and calling the defense on the field.  Edmunds has all the physical traits to be a star, if his talent from Virginia Tech transfers to the NFL, the Bills have a defensive leader for years to come.

Looking back on the draft the team looks to have a bright future with a strong young core.  If the team selected the right players in the draft success is in the future.

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