Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Implications

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In the tumultuous wake of the 2016 presidential election the line between fact and fiction has been blurred. With scandals coming nearly biweekly from cabinet members and the president alike, it’s easy for the general population to get buried and overwhelmed by news and political media. However the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the position of Supreme Court Justice proved to shine amongst the smog of media coverage.
With his nomination came the revelation of his past. Accusations of sexual assault were brought forward calling into question Brett Kavanaugh’s character and his possible place in our justice system. After Kavanaugh’s dismissal of the accusations, the spot light shifted towards both Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. This gave the sexual assault allegations enough weight to warrant an investigation.
Waves of support and vitriol were directed at Kavanaugh and Ford over the three week long investigation, with news and social media, a blaze. Gripping testimonies from Ford compelled the nation with words like “After that May 2012 therapy session, I did my best to suppress memories of the assault because recounting the details caused me to relive the experience, and caused panic attacks and anxiety.”
With this also came the testimonies of Brett Kavanaugh stating that he was accused of being drunk though he did not drink at that time as well as his belief that this event would be too long ago to hold any weight. With the nation divided firmly and speculation raging over the three week long investigation, the vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for his Supreme court position took place on October 6th of 2018 in spite of the allegations.
In the wake of this decision, ethics, morals and justice have been called into question. The character revealed in the widely televised case was not that of a level headed judge of the nation, regardless of the accuracy of Ford’s testimony. Kavanaugh displayed loud, belligerent rants as well as hateful and often false counter accusations. He was frequently hostile and overly emotional, behaving in a manner he would likely not tolerate in his own courtroom.
As if the nation was feeling deja vu to every other Trump administration member, we now speculate what effects Kavanaugh’s position could hold. Many worry about the decision of the past Roe V. Wade supreme court case.

Brett Kavanaugh during U.S Senate hearing, September 27 2018

                                                                                                  J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Kavanaugh stated in a CNN interview that “I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since Court can always overrule its precedent”, after which he added that conservative justices on the supreme court “would do so.”. Thirteen abortion cases would fall before federal circuit courts this year, these could reach the Supreme Court afterwards. Any one of them could be the effective end of Roe V. Wade.
President Trump and Kavanaugh share views on one key issue, they both are suspicious of any attempts to limit presidential power, especially over executive branch members. The consequences of this view could be massive with Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 presidential election. This investigation includes allegations of collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice.
Kavanaugh’s position up until his nomination was serving on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. From this position he has stood strongly against against EPA regulations. That firm posture was put on display in August of 2018 when Kavanaugh ruled against an EPA regulation attempting to do away with hydrofluorocarbons which are greenhouse gases better known as HFCs. As well as when Kavanaugh’s court ruled against Clean Power Plan.
While it is said that political and personal values should play no part in any court, biases are clearly evident in any case. With Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court he may pass through decisions that not only affect the citizens of the United States but the world as a whole. The United States should be the touch stone for human morals and progress not that of regression to hate and stagnation. How Brett Kavanaugh’s conservatism will interact with court is yet to be unseen, however the laws of our land will forever be changed by it.

-Shaughn Ramsden