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This is the Broadway poster for this years musical.

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This is the Broadway poster for this years musical.

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By: Noelle Gierszewski


It that time of year again, Lake Shore. Lake Shore Senior High school will be presenting Thoroughly Modern Millie. The annual High school musical is taking place on February 7th, 8th and 9th. This years musical is being directed by Mr. Tim Fitzgerald.

Thoroughly Modern Millie takes place in the 1920’s and its main is Millie Dillmount. She is originally from Kansas but moves her whole life to New York City and becomes a flapper.

Miss. Brittany Nichols is a member of the production team and asked her a few questions. She stated “We pick a show where there are multiple different parts so there’s a place for everybody. Also a place for the band and orchestra to show off their talents in the pit.” Nichols also explained how the cast is selected each year.

“The students go through an audition process and are judged based on a vocal piece, a dance selection and on how well they can read lines.”

This year’s auditions were held on Tuesday, November 6th where over 40 students tried out. Nichols also explained what is the hardest part of the musical for the production team.

“Seeing the big picture and having the whole musical come together is hard.  Students need to be dedicated and put 100% into every practice for the musical to be ready in the beginning of February.”

Jenna Demartino, an 11th grader who has participated in the musical the last three years. She stated “ I go back to the musical every year because I enjoy singing and dancing.”But the hardest part of the musical is all  of the the dancing and getting down the right cues.”

Most kids stated they love performing in the musical it turns into a big family affair. Also that the end project is worth all the work that it takes.”