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Earbud Ban at the High School Resulting in Disagreements

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Earbud Ban at the High school Resulting in Disagreements

By Elissa Norton

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Last year, when Lake Shore High School principal Christine Koch started as the school’s principal, she decided to let students wear earbuds as long as one was out. It seemed to work up until students decided to abuse this rule. Kids walked around with both earbuds in, and ignored teachers when asked to take them out. Towards the end of the year, it was stated that earbuds weren’t to be used unless it was a study hall or lunch. The 2018 school year started, and the earbuds were officially banned. The reason students were given for the ban is that it is a safety concern because students aren’t able to hear fire alarms or announcements.

A senior in particular doesn’t like the ban because she believes they should be used in study hall and lunches. She doesn’t understand the ban, and it makes her upset because she wants to listen to music, but cant. When asked if she thought the ban was about safety concerns, she stated that she believes the school just wanted to add another rule. However, she doesn’t agree that the ban is strict because not all teachers will tell a kid to take them out, and if she could change the ban she would.

A sophomore also doesn’t agree with the rule, but understands why the school started the ban. It doesn’t bother her through the school day because she doesn’t need her earbuds to get through the school day. She agrees that the rule was made for safety concerns, and thinks it depends on if it’s a strict rule because some teachers/staff are stricter than others. She also added that students should be allowed to use them in free periods.

While both students have different opinions on the ban, it seems that this will be a rule about which there will always be disagreements. Some kids are able to understand this new rule, while others can’t.



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Earbud Ban at the High School Resulting in Disagreements