Having a Ball on The Court

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Having a Ball on The Court

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By Peyton Martin

The 2018 Boys Varsity Volleyball team has come a long way in the past season. The boys regular season record was 10 wins and 2 losses. After a challenging  season they were ranked number 2 in the class B2 section.

On October 30th, the boys played their quarter final game at home against East Aurora sweeping the team 25-17 in the first game 25-10 in the second game and 25-15 in the third game.

On November 3rd, they traveled to Lackawanna high school to play in the semifinals against Maryvale, where they won three straight games, 25-21 in both the first and second game and 25-19 in the third game advancing  to the section finals.

The boys section finals game was played against Eden, the 2017 state champs, at Lackawanna High School on November 6th. Going into this game senior Nathaniel Lockwood said “ I think we could win but we’d have to play our best game all season and Eden would have to make more mistakes then they usually do.” After a hard fought game, the Lake Shore Boys Varsity Volleyball team ended there season as they lost to Eden in the third game.Eden having a sweep in a 3-0 game.

After the season the boys had a lot to say about the progress throughout there games.

Junior Zach Evans said “The team did well this year and I believes they will continues to do good because of all the potential and skill we have on the junior varsity team.”

Evans also expressed that he was happy with the way the boys did in the regular season game.

Next Senior Captains Cole Wishman and Nathaniel Lockwood shared their thoughts about their last season and some advice for the underclassmen that play volleyball.

Cole Wishman said, “ I am sad it is over with because I may never play again but I am proud of how far the team has come this season.” Cole’s advice to the teams was “Always listen to coach no matter what because he knows what he is talking about.” He also said, “ There is a time to have fun but there is also a time to be serious during practice, and no matter what always dive for the ball even if you know you aren’t going to get to it.”

Lockwood said, “It is the best Volleyball team I has played for during high school and it is the farthest the Volleyball team has gone in years.”

A piece of advice Nate would like to give to the younger players at Lake Shore is “ Don’t be in a rush to get things done and over with because you are going to look back on it and miss it.”

The boys had a hard fought season and  look to continue the progress they made this season to come back and take the section title in years to come.

Seniors Cole Wishman (on the left) Ajay Cybulski (in the middle) Nathaniel Lockwood (on the right) after section final game.