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Fortnite? What in the name is that? By: Domenick Colosimo

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Domenick Colosimo


July 25, 2017, marked the launch date of a historic phenom for video game history.

Epic Games, which is famously known for developing console applications such as, ‘Gears of War’ and the ‘Infinity Blade’ series had developed a new creation of hands down excitement and action packed combat.

Once the birth of Fortnite began, over 125 million gamers worldwide were drawn into the craze by Epic and ever since then, it has drawn in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from purchasing avatar skins, to also purchasing the Fortnite campaign mode, ‘Save The World.’

‘Save The World’ is the player v. environment game mode where you’re dropped into a Zombie Apocalypse themed war zone on a tropical island and have the main objective of ridding the island of zombies.

However, what is the true cause of Fortnite’s blitzkrieg of success in such a short span of time?

Fortnite Battle Royale is the attractive piece that makes the game what it is today that is played on a daily consistent bases by many. It is a player v. player mode that consists of 100 online players that are thrown from a flying bus to parachute into an all out war zone, but players must must beware . The tropical island in which the epic battle takes place is surrounded by the eye of a storm that has the capability of eliminating players from the game by deteriorating their health bar. The purpose of the storm is to speed up the game play to about

a half hour. Every two minutes the circle will decrease drastically in size, forcing you to come in contact with other online contenders. As the storm eye shrinks, it is the task of all players to scavenge across the throughout the island at various locations you may find.

Locations may include: Pleasant Park, Titled Towers, Paradise Palms, and Salty Springs.


Green & White Fortnite pic

Two groups are clashing to gain supremacy of the tropical island to become victorious


‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ also contains many other survival game modes that share the same concept consisting of multiplayer versions of Squads and Duos. Squads is a battle that consists of 25, four player teams that shall battle each other in an all out war with friends or other online participants. In duos, a teammate and you can survive against 50 other duo groups that are goal oriented in also acquiring 1st Place.

I sat down with a close colleague of mine, Jason Martin, to share his thoughts on the game. Jason is a well known-notorious Xbox player in the Lake Shore High School.

“Fortnite is an amazing game that introduces a new concept of building bases in battles to have defensive strategy and to also be creative to have fun.” -Jason Martin


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Fortnite? What in the name is that? By: Domenick Colosimo