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Memes in Today’s Society

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Memes in Today’s Society


by Katie Roland

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As kids in the early 2000’s grew up they were playing with dolls and action figures. Kids would go outside and run around for fun and never get bored with themselves. They grew up with little to no technology unlike the kids in 2018. Now they have iPhones at the age of five and social media not much longer after that. We are now exposed to so many different outlets of social media, it’s simply taking over the kids of today. Kids now would rather stay inside and watch videos than go outside and socialize. We must always be entertained by something. Social media helps feed that hunger that we have for humor.

In recent years, one form of entertainment for teenagers are memes, a virally-transmitted cultural symbols or social ideas. The term meme actually came from a british actor named Richard Dawson, he coined this in 1976 as a way to explain how cultural information spreads and meme culture began to emerge in the 1980s as people frequented early internet forums.

The first meme to go viral was the dancing baby, which came out on Youtube in 1996. The video was originally from the show “Ally McBeal”, which showed Calista Flockhart dancing with an animated baby. Flockhart then went on to make meme history. Since then the trend has grown rapidly. Most memes today are pictures that have small captions under them, others consists of videos and popular phrases. Teens use these as a way to express their emotions and show opinions. They also use them as one of the many forms of communication throughout the internet.

Angelo Grillo, one of the students at Lake Shore High School, has a lot to say about this ever growing trend that seems have no end. Not many people know exactly how to say this word correctly/  

Angelo says, “Well many people think its may may or mee mee, but it’s actually meem. It’s a long e.”

Grillo thinks that kids find memes entertaining because they bring laughter and they’re unexpected most of the time.” “ It’s honestly for entertainment purposes only. We just find that having common interests with the world is humorous,” Grillo added, showing some of his favorite memes and explained why he thought they were entertaining.

Memes are only one of the many ways teens find entertainment today. Society has completely transformed over the years. We are not like the recent generations and we do not communicate in the same ways. Having access to all of this new and improved technology has brought about many changes in our society and we should definitely expect that many more are on there way.

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Memes in Today’s Society