Catching a Runner’s High By Aidan Van Slycke

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Every runner in the world hears this question at least once in his or her life “Why do you run”, their answers vary from wanting to get in shape to it’s enjoyable, or even wanting to hit some sort of runners high.  Everyone does it for their own reasons, but the underlying question is always there. All of the different runners currently on your distance team for Cross Country and Track had different reasons for joining, and have given their reasons they believe others should join.

Several of the runners on the 2018/2019 Cross Country team gave their original reasons for joining.  Gavin Ingrao, a junior who has been on the team since 7th grade, said “I wanted a way to stay fit and a way  to make friends”, and Logan Wray, another Junior who has been on the team

(l to r) Logan Wray, Adam Scott, Aidan Van Slycke, Matt Holland, Tyler Schott, Michael Smaldino, Gavin Ingrao

since 9th grade, and Michael Smaldino, a sophomore who joined 9th grade both said that they joined because their friends who were already on the team encouraged them to, “I stayed because I enjoy the practices and the best part is going out for runs with the team” added Wray.  Ingrao commented that “my favorite practices have always been the long runs” while Smaldino believes the best part is “the banter we all have before and during practice”.

A runner’s high, what is it, each of the runners had a similar idea to what happens when one achieves it, Ingrao who has gotten a runners high explained that it is “when you feel basically invincible after running so much” while Wray added that it is “Feeling like everything is perfect during a race”.  A senior, Taylor Lawn, who joined sophomore year because of friends, described it as “you feeling really excited and happy to run”. A runner’s high is different for everyone who achieves it, sometimes it is how Lawn describes it , you are just happy and you enjoy your run. For other people it can be a feeling of invincibility there really is no clear cut definition for it, but all runners strive to get it.  And the best way to work to getting it is to run, and that is what these people do, they do three seasons of running, Ingrao, Wray, and Smaldino all believe that Cross Country is the best season, while Lawn prefers track, they all enjoy the sport.

To catch a runner’s high one needs to run and the runners all gave their advice on joining distance to work towards that high.  Wray explained that people should join distance because “it is a sport that will get you fit very quickly, and in my opinion had the best actual teammates of any sport”.  Ingrao said that “an awesome way to stay in shape, and you will gain some amazing friends along the way” while Smaldino just said “join for the jokes they are the best part”.  All the athletes explained that the best way to prepare is to just put some miles on your feet, Indoor Track started on 11/8 but is still open for athletes to join, there is no better season to try it out and see if this is the port for you.