Evergreen Afterthought

Devin Bauer, Student

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Tree RecycleThe Christmas season has come to a close and as everybody who purchases a real Christmas tree knows, it’s time to move on with the new year, undress, and dispose of that tree. Everybody has a different way of disposing of it, some reaching as far to sink them to the bottom of a southern California lake to provide smaller fish a place to hide from predators.

Back up into the Northern Hemisphere, specifically, Evans NY, many simply drag their tree to the back yard. Some just toss it into the fire pit for the occasional summer bonfire. Others bring the ax out to chop it up it into firewood for either the same occasion, or to heat their house for the long winter months that are ahead. Few others recycle it by putting it through a mulcher, once again planning ahead for summer.

Moving away from the home recycling, there are a few options for people who don’t want the hassle. Organizations such as Home Depot, and the city of Buffalo have stated that one can drop off their Christmas tree at their stores location and in places around buffalo: Cazenovia park golf course parking lot, south of Seneca Street, at the bottom of Wildwood Shoshone park parking lot, north of Hertel, rear parking lot of Beard st. 1120 Seneca street between Babcock and Smith. These locations are offering their space for a limited time from January 2nd to the 20th.

Another service provided by the City of Buffalo is a pick- up service. Residents can leave their naturally grown trees on their curbside, stripped of all ornaments and tinsel, to be picked up by the city’s Department of Public Works, parks and Streets between January 2nd and 20th.

‘Where do the rest of the Christmas trees go?’ One may ask. Even with all of these recycling options, a disturbingly amount of people discard of their tree by tossing a garbage bag on it or simply just putting it in the garbage bin 


to be carried away to a landfill with the mentality of ‘out of sight out of mind’.

Although everybody has a different way to dispose of a real Christmas tree, as long as it is not tosses out, attributing to an ever growing landfill, it is done right.


By- Devin Bauer