This is the Grammy’s

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This is The Grammys

By: Shaughn Ramsden

The 61st annual Grammy Awards are scheduled to air on February 10th of 2019 and everyone is predicting winners as well as discussing the big surprise nominees. Amongst these unexpected nominees is Childish Gambino taking home four nominations for his groundbreaking song “This is America”, This is America is nominated for Song of the Year, Best Music Video, Record of the Year and Best Rap/ Sung Performance.  

“This is America” was released on May 5th, 2018 creating a cultural shockwave amongst fans and average music listeners alike. The accompanying music video was labeled a music experience after debuting on “Saturday Night Live”. The music video itself reveals provocative imagery of the rapper as he guns down a choir at one point and dances while violence breaks out all around him. Amid the chaos Childish Gambino childishly dances demonstrating the blissful ignorance the american public shows towards violence against African Americans. The lyrics illustrate the resistance, as well as complicity in racial violence that runs deep in America’s history. “This is America” has been described by Tre Johnson from Rolling Stone Magazine as “ A touchstone for African American art.”

To see this song take home any of the awards in any of the categories would be unprecedented, in recent years tracks of the same vain have lost to safe predominantly white artists. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” losing to Adele’s “25” in 2017 as well as Kendrick Lamar losing to Macklemore in 2014. The Recording Academy historically picks the secure nomination with some notable exceptions, however seeing such a politically charged track take home a nomination is a major shift. Winning a Grammy would show progress and acknowledgement of this songs’ significance and message.