Networking Breakfasts

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By McKynzie Ringer

On November 17, 2018 the Academy of Business and Finance Director Mrs. Marla Schifano has been putting on the networking breakfast for her academy students. This has been a huge event that has been held at Lake Shore High School in the cafeteria for the past seven years. There was a second breakfast held at Cala’s Kitchen on April 12, 2019 that was the first one that certain academy students were able to attend.

This event helps students communicate with business partners and teaches them how to act in a professional setting. When the students come in the cafeteria there are name/number tags on the tables of where students are going to sit. Each one is assigned a business partner to talk to for seven minutes. Then the students move to the next table with another business partner.

Before the event the students have to prepare questions that they would like to ask the business partners. During that process the students have to write down what the business partner responds with, as well as keep eye contact and expand on the questions as they are talking. It is a great event to attend because it really helps students to not get so nervous or shy around a successful person.

Also, the students are interested in some of the business partners careers and having them explain to them how they got there and the work that goes into it. It helps the students decide if this is something they want to study in college and do as a career.

At the other breakfast at Cala’s Kitchen there were three juniors Liz Nau, Brandon Sobaszek, and Sarah Bovo. There was also three seniors Peyton Martin, Devin Baur, and Kelsey Mereki attended this was the first time Mrs. Schifano was asked to do an event like this. There were eleven different business partners there that have businesses in Evans.

After interviewing Peyton Martin she said that the things they discussed were new plans for their business, many things to do in this town, and the experience that the students are experiencing. Liz Nau’s stated there are many businesses in angola that makes angola better.  Both Peyton and Liz stated that this was a very beneficial event to be involved in. The students even meet new people there and got to know a little about there business that they do like Allen Hung is associated with Light For Fitness that sells protective eyewear. Also, Peyton Martin and Liz Nau mentioned that they would love to do this again. Students get to experience new and different things going on in our town and knowing that there are a lot of jobs that we didn’t know about that are in our town. Somethings they said that is the important thing they learned was to keep yourself involved in you community and what new things are coming about.

The breakfasts are very beneficial event. The students believe that these events prepare them for the real world when they graduate high school. It makes graduating high school less scary because students get a good idea how things are going to be in their future.