A Night Around The World

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A Night Around The World

By Katie Roland


The end of the year is quickly approaching and the moment everyone has been waiting for is closer than ever. Prom 2019! This is a night when boys and girls come together to celebrate the end of the year. When party buses and limousines are taken for joy rides around town. Where girls in fancy dresses and boys in tuxedos dance the night away. Are you ready for a night around the world?

This years annual event will be held on June 26th at the Avanti Mansion in Buffalo, New York at 6 pm. The Avanti Mansion hosts weddings and banquets and can hold up to 300 guests. The Mansion use to be an abandoned building but in 2004 Laurie and Dave Clark bought the property and renovated it into the beautiful building it is now. They now have opened this building to the public so they too can enjoy this wonderful mansion and create memories that last a lifetime.

This years prom is being hosted by our lovely seniors in student government. They have put a lot of thought and hard work into this event, making sure that everyone who attends enters and leaves with a huge smile on their face. The theme for this event is Around The World. Tickets are now being sold in lunch periods for $55 each. When you purchase your ticket you will then decide your table arrangement.

Now you’re probably wondering what prom has in store for all of us anxious teens. In that case there’s not much that student government has shared with me. They plan on making this night full of surprises and making sure everyone has a grand time. What I can release to you is the menu of all the delicious food we will be consuming. To start off we will be offered an abundant array of imported and domestic cheeses, garden fresh vegetables, flavored dip and gourmet crackers when we first arrive. Dinner starts at 7 pm and for the buffet we will be offered tosses garden salads, dinner rolls and butter, stuffed chicken medallions, grilled steak, baby red garlic mashed potatoes, and a signature seasonal vegetable. There will also be a coffee and tea station that is available to all during the hours of 7-8:30 pm as well.

After dinner is when the real party starts. There will be a local DJ with all the sick beats you’re looking for. You can also request any song you like at anytime during the night. So make sure you’re ready to dance the night away.

As the time for prom gets closer and closer remember to always have a plan set in stone. Though this night is made for fun it is always important to make sure that you stay safe as well. So whos ready to make memories that will last a lifetime? I know I sure am. I hope to see you there!