Lake Shore Softball

2018-2019 Lake Shore varsity softball team.

2018-2019 Lake Shore varsity softball team.

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By Peyton Martin

The 2018- 2019 varsity softball team put up a hard fight this season on the field. The girls regular season record was 9 wins and 3 losses. The girls were ranked number three in the class A2 section.

  The lady Eagles played their first sectional game on May 23rd on their home field against West Seneca East. After a hard fought game the Eagles ended their season with a tough 14-11 loss.

Senior Tabitha Allen said, “I’m super sad that this season had come to an end, I think our team did very well this year, we have had a better record this season than in the past. We did very well defensively and offensively.”

Some advice Tabby would like to give underclassmen to play softball is, “ to always give it your all and to be a leader, it will show on and off the field.“

Tabatha was a huge asset to the Eagles success this year. She will be attending GCC in the fall to continue to shine on the softball field.

Senior Sydnea Schiedel also made some comments about the season this year.

Sydnea said “I’m appreciative of what high school softball had taught me but I’m extremely excited to move on and play softball for Hilbert College. I’m also excited to meet new players and coaches.”

She also said “ This year has definitely been one of the most successful seasons by far. We were really good about getting the bats going when we were down and kept our defense strong when we were up.”

Some advice she would like to give to underclassmen is “don’t always worry about being in the spotlight. Just do your part and always give it your all and you will be rewarded

.” Sydnea will be continuing her softball career at Hilbert next year.

Junior Gretchen Hazard has a few things to say about the 2018–2019 softball season as well.

Gretchen said “I think we did really well and came out with a good record but the things that happened between us will be the only thing that we remember.” Gretchen also said “ in the future I think Lake Shore softball will be weaker than in previous years. We have lost a lot of strong players offensively and defensively and it will be hard to fill their shoes.”

Some advice Gretchen would like to give softball players is “ try not to control the things you cannot control. That is one lesson I’ve learned of the season and that will probably be one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life.”

The Lake Shore Eagles hope to come back and fight just as hard next year and take the section title they deserve.