Changes in the Music Department


October 19, 2019. Miss Brittany Nichols and Bailey Herlan (Grade 11) end Miss Nichols’ last day at Lake Shore with a trip to Tim Hortons.

Kylee Mackiewicz

Early in this school year, the music department hit a roadblock when choral instructor, Miss Brittany Nichols, left Lake Shore for a new job at Transit Middle School on October 18. Students were distraught after learning that their favorite choral teacher would no longer be with them and they were left wondering how the music department would ever be the same. The department had already taken a hit earlier in the summer when former orchestra teacher Mr. Demaro left to take a job with the Clarence Central School district. Mr. Demaro was replaced by Mrs. Eno at the start of this school year and she has been doing an exceptional job teaching our talented Lake Shore students and further growing their love and passion for music. 

Now with another music instructor gone, students want to know who will be replacing Miss Nichols and what she will do to help improve and grow our music department. Mr. Bodnar is the temporary substitute that will be taking Miss Nichols’ place for the next 5 weeks until Mrs. Civillete, the permanent replacement arrives from Olean High School on January 2. 

After speaking with Principal Mrs. Christine Koch, there is no doubt that the music department is in good hands. Mrs. Koch says that Mr. Bodnar is an, ̈awesome person to step in and bridge the gap, but he can not stay long because he is currently working towards his doctorate.” Mrs. Koch has high hopes that the students of Lake Shore will be pleased with the permanent replacement. Mrs. Civillete was chosen for her exceptional success in music, she is a composer and  has written and released her very own album. Mrs. Civillete is ̈creative, personable and energetic, and she is very excited to join Lake Shore.¨ 

With Miss Nichols gone, clubs like show choir and the annual Christmas caroling are in jeopardy. I asked Mrs. Koch her thoughts about this and she believes a new club will be made. She expressed that there is no way to tell for sure if or how these clubs will be continued until the permanent replacement comes. However, she has a feeling that these Lake Shore traditions won’t be lost forever. 

There is no way to know for sure what the future holds for the chorus students until Mrs. Civillete arrives, but we thank Mr. Bodnar who has ¨been very gracious ̈ and we wait with anticipation for Mrs. Civillete. The interview with Mrs. Christina Koch ended on a positive note, reassuring students and staff that Mrs. Civillete is  ̈super excited to be here and invest all of her energy into Lake Shore.¨