College Preparedness

October 12, 2019

As we all know with the 2019-2020 school year well underway,  it’s time for the seniors to buckle down. Since the start of freshman year, teachers and counselors have been preparing us for the moment when it’s time to start applying to college. With fall 2020 just around the corner, it’s time for seniors to start looking into their new home. 

There are many steps seniors have to take to prepare for college. Let’s start with the spring before senior year. Many students sign up to take their SAT or ACT for the first time. Also, many students take time during the spring to research colleges that offer the career path that they want to take. 

During that summer before senior year, it’s time to start walking the college path. The summer months are the perfect time to set up a college visit or attend an open house. Mrs. Boncore has shared that the one thing that is often overlooked is “Visiting the school, people feel like they can get a feel from a school just by online research. They miss the boat by not touring the schools, themselves.” This is a great way to walk through a campus and get to know what kind of college community the college is. College tours are a good tell-tale sign into what type of  campus you are looking for. This will also help to narrow down your college list – you will either fall in love with a campus or decide that college really isn’t the best fit for you. 

When getting ready to apply for college, it is best to find one that speaks to you, and you can find yourself living there. Ms. Boncore also added,  “Research your colleges that you are applying to, make sure they fit your social needs, academic needs, and are financially doable”.Your summer months are truly to get to know what college campuses have to offer.

Next thing you know, it’s that start of senior year. This is the time to get together with your counselor for that very important meeting. You and he or she will sit down and discuss the schools you are interested in, the career path in which you wish to pursue, and your SAT/ACT scores. Meeting with your counselor is a vital part for preparing for college, it is best that you and your counselor are on the same page. Many schools offer early action or early decision, which is a great way to show those colleges that you are eager to become a part of their community. However, if you are undecided (like I am), this is the season when you retake your SAT and try to focus on finding that perfect school. This is a long, yet rewarding process… or so I am told.

This has all been a new journey for my family. Both of my parents attended college. However, neither remember it being such a rigorous process to get there! As I am growing and learning through it all, so are they. My parents will definitely be more prepared in a few years when it’s my brother’s turn. So, friends, be nice to your parents! Thank them for all the support, tours and patience and most importantly, seek joy in this experience!

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