School Bathrooms, Yours or Ours?

November 25, 2019

Here at Lake Shore High School, the perpetual question stands, which bathrooms are we students allowed to use? Well, I am here to answer that. 

Nowadays, the faculty bathrooms outnumber the student bathrooms 3:2. There are 6 faculty bathrooms and 4 student bathrooms, not counting locker rooms. Now, the difference may not be that substantial, but considering that there are 691 students compared to the 125 faculty members working in the building, students outweigh faculty nearly 6:1.                            

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it is quite fair that the majority of the people here have to share the smaller portion of bathrooms.

 From an administrative point of view, students’ bathroom privileges are limited due to the everlasting issue of vaping. Not only are students STILL vaping after seeing all of the complications that arise from itㅡ students are flushing their pods and vapes down the toilets causing damage to the pipes, as stated by Mrs. Koch during the student representative meeting held on Monday, November 18th. 

Paige Holla, Lake Shore Senior states “Every time I have to use the bathroom I get in trouble because I’m late to class.” Students have to wait five people deep in line in order to use the bathroom, which makes it nearly impossible to use the bathroom in the given time between classes. 

While the vaping issue is valid, I’d estimate that only about 10% of the student population is actually causing the problem, leaving the rest of us upstanding students to reap the consequences.

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