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December 2, 2019

High school might not necessarily be the best time of life, but it is a time in  life that most people never forget. It will have its ups and downs as all things do. But one day, all of a sudden, most people realize that they are there, they are in their “someday” and that someday was yesterday, and this is their life…so it’s best to enjoy the ride. 

As one of the new students who’ve come to the high school this year, I can say it’s been interesting. The journey we are on now is a step forward in our lives, and I know for sure that the memories we make now will be really important at graduation and afterwards – being able to look back on what progress we’ve made over the last few years at Lake Shore – and how we’ve impacted the people around us. 

Freshmen such as Savanna Duffy said that in this first half of the school year, they have had the freedoms and time they’ve needed to socialize with their fellow classmates and enough time in the mornings to prepare for the rest of the day, academically. Teresa Smaldino says,  “I like high school because it’s better than the middle school.” The activities and school spirit are what make every day even more exciting, and keep the students more involved in our community.

Another big transition from middle school to high school are the people -whether in the 9th grade level or the upperclassmen at the school. There are a lot of positive remarks about the teachers and classmates, but one key topic now for freshman is the change in the people around all of us – the friends that have come and gone throughout the years, but, more importantly, the ones that have remained. 

At the time we don’t know we are making memories, we just think we’re having fun, but it’s true what they say: The friends you have now in high school are the ones that may stay with you forever. When high school first started, I think we were all a bit nervous, but it’s an exciting time, it’s both an ending and a beginning. It’s warm memories from the past and big dreams for the future. 

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