Mrs. Linda Kibler’s Famed Work
Mrs. Linda Kibler’s Famed Work

High School Lunch Lady Does Much More Than Serve Food

December 19, 2019

Typically, one of a student’s biggest complaints about school is the lunch that is served. While it may be hard for students to find their “favorite” foods in a high school cafeteria,  not many students think about how much work the lunch ladies/men put into make sure that there is enough food to feed the entire school. And some lunch workers put even more work in just to make our school a better place. We are lucky enough to have one of these workers at our own school!

Mrs. Linda Kibler, one of our very sweet and hard-working lunch ladies, set up a beautiful holiday display in the entrance of the cafeteria at our very own Lake Shore Central High School. The display features a variety of characters including snowmen, the Grinch, and different woodland creatures like deer, squirrels, and raccoons. She also decorated the entire cafeteria with huge snowflakes and geese all over the ceiling. And one of the most amazing aspects of all the decorations is that Mrs. Kibler made them all by hand.

When you have a career in food service, typically a lot of waste is produced. There is the obvious food waste but along with the tons of food comes an equal amount of boxes. Usually, the school would just get rid of these boxes as they don’t really serve a purpose. But Mrs. Kibler found a very interesting and creative use for them. The geese she created were made of old croissant boxes, according to WGRZ, and she hand-painted all the feathers. The snowflakes hanging throughout the cafeteria were also hand-made by cutting up old white paper bags. She even made the entire holiday display in the entrance with just paint and old boxes/materials she found.

If someone you knew created all of this beautiful artwork by hand, you would probably assume they went to some sort of art school or at least some online classes. But for Mrs. Kibler, it is truly just pure talent. When I asked her about her love for art and drawing, she said that she started loving it during Kindergarten. She also just enjoys cartoons and creating cartoons in her free time. I also asked Mrs. Kibler what the biggest challenge and biggest reward of creating all of her art was. She said the biggest challenge was the limited amount of time. This makes complete sense considering she works five days a week, toiling away to make hundreds of kids a hot lunch, and she still found time to pursue this amazing hobby. Also, she said the biggest reward was just seeing how much joy her artwork provided to all of the students. So many students are extremely stressed during the year so it is nice to have something so beautiful to cheer us up everyday.

But how did the word about Mrs. Kibler and her art even spread? Well, it all started when our Principal, Christine Koch, shared images of her and her display on the school’s Twitter account. While this gained some traction, Mrs. Kibler truly became viral when 2017 graduate, Connor Kwilos, posted a picture of her with her decorations on Reddit. Currently, the picture has 2.3 thousand comments, most praising Mrs. Kibler and her hard work. There was even a Go-Fund-Me fundraiser created to give back to her for all of her hard work. Over the past couple weeks people have donated $480.00, $280.00 over the original goal.

Mrs. Kibler is just one of the wonderful aspects of Lake Shore High School that make it a great community.

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