Wife, Lunch Lady, and… Artist? The Woman Behind all the Buzz

December 20, 2019

Linda Kibler, a longtime Lake Shore lunch lady, has been all over the internet and local news as of late for her stunning artwork that has gained much praise. It has inspired not only us students here  at Lake Shore, but many other people across the nation to contribute to other school’s Go-Fund-Me fundraisers for student art projects. “I was totally overwhelmed by the love and praise I was receiving from everyone. Who knew the photo Mrs. Koch took would have taken off and become viral you know? It is truly special.”

 This year’s winter display is is filled with a giant lime green Grinch, a plethora of wild animals, and hanging snowflakes from the ceiling. Everything was made by hand and most of the material used are old cardboard boxes she found that were discarded. It is amazing how someone could get the ideas for this and create such powerful art from old cardboard boxes and a little bit of paint. This isn’t her first year doing this or her last, and each an every time the display seems to get a little bigger to encompass a diverse and colorful landscape, such as the one that made her viral.

Mrs. Kibler has always had a passion for art. I know myself that I love art but if you asked me to do any of the drawings Mrs. Kibler has done I don’t think I would even get the colors right. She has mostly gained her experience on her own, only taking an art class at BOCES. “I started drawing in Kindergarten and would do it during school to pass the time and at home,” she laughed. “I just really enjoy it.” She also has created cartoons in the past and regarding them she said,“I started those for fun to keep up the other lunch ladies motivation and happiness throughout the day.”

Of course, all of us would like to know what her next plans are for our cafeteria, but we couldn’t get that inside information, “No secrets, but I am creating a display next for Spring so you’ll have to wait and see until then.” She goes above and beyond for us, not only helping serve us food when we’re hungry, but serving us a smile, too, with her displays. We can’t wait for Mrs. Kibler’s new display and are so lucky to have someone help putting a smile on our faces here at Lake Shore with their own special gift. 

Mrs. Linda Kibler


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