Ms. Deanna Civilette joins Lake Shore Music Department
Ms. Deanna Civilette joins Lake Shore Music Department

New Chorus Director

February 14, 2020

As many of you know, the Lake Shore Music Department has had an interesting start to the school year.  The year started with a search for a new orchestra teacher as Ms. Nichols resigned from her choral director position. As a result, the department has welcomed two new teachers who are here to stay. The chorus has had two interim substitutes before finally being introduced to their new teacher. There is no longer a question of who is going to take over Ms..Nichols’ spot, as it is now time for the students to grow and learn from Ms. Deanna Civilette.

As some students can relate, moving to a new school can be a bit scary at first. It takes time to get acclimated to a new environment full of new faces. Ms. Civillette jumped right into her role at our school by meeting with the cast of this year’s musical to help them work on their music. Her dedication to the music department has already shown through her work within her first few weeks. Ms. Civilette shared that her very first week was “overall good” and how at first her transition was a lot. 

Among many other questions, I’m sure students are wondering what Ms. Civilette has in store for the choral program. I had the chance to ask her what her goals are for the department and the students. She shared that her hopes are to keep building up the program, since the numbers keep dwindling. She would also like to keep the tradition of the trips and also try to “mix and mingle with other music groups,” and would also like to perform vocal music with the background of either band or orchestra. I followed that question with how the students can help her accomplish her goals. Ms. Civilette would love feedback, she likes to know what we are thinking, she isn’t a teacher who “dictates” something for the students to do. She also would love for students to give her new song ideas, stay with the choral program, and  work hard. 

Ms. Civilette comes from a family background of music that “skipped” a generation of the family but thankfully, made a comeback. Growing up, everyone in her family took part in singing groups and her  background, therefore, is music. Ms. Civilette went to Fredonia to study music composition but quickly realized that writing music is mostly a hobby, which is when she decided to become a teacher. Ms. Civilette doesn’t get a break from music and that’s just the way she likes it. When she isn’t teaching, she is meeting up with some of her clubs. Her job is teaching us music and her free time is performing with her bands. 

Her love of teaching brought her into the profession and she loves to recognize the potential in all students. She realizes that some people are simply not interested in the art of music, and she likes to pick them out and try to find something they will enjoy. Ms. Civilette feels as if everyone should be involved with music in some way. 


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