Finding your Happy Medium

April 2, 2020

As we all may know in this time of crisis, it is so easy to go stir crazy while stuck within our own four walls. I’m sure many people are finding ways to stay busy, but are they only focusing on school?

For me, I have re-prioritized (or maybe I’ve just set aside) school, altogether. I understand that school is still important and yes, I’m still getting all my work done and turned in, but with school, you need to have fun. If you think about school, we have four minutes in between each period to regroup ourselves and get to our next class, we also only have nine to ten periods a day which still leaves us with plenty of time to have fun. Solely focusing on school all day is unhealthy; we need to have outlets of fun.

During this break, when I’m not focusing on school, I have been outside. It has been so nice outside, which comes as a blessing. I have gone on beach walks and hikes up at my family’s property. We all need to escape the stress of school and do something we enjoy that will take our minds off of the harsh reality of what is happening right now. We all need to find our happy mediums, we all need to find our escape. Whether it be getting lost on an adventure by reading, running, riding bikes, dusting off our art supplies or even playing video games. To stay happy and strong in this crazy world, we need an outlet to help refresh us. 

I challenge you to find that one thing that makes you so happy that you’ll forget everything!


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