Introverts and Extroverts During Quarantine: How are They Handling It?

April 2, 2020

The coronavirus has caused the United States of America to SHUT. DOWN. According to Education Weekly, there are about 50.8 million public school students and 5.8 million private school students out of school right now. With many schools and businesses closed, most parents are working from home. Not only do parents have to work from home, but so do students. Most schools are using Google Classroom or other forms of communication to supply students with work. This work is mainly to keep everyone’s minds active. For parents with younger children, managing their own work plus their child’s can be very stressful for them. That is why some schools are suggesting not to stress the work too much and just get in some daily math and reading. As for the older kids, they are on their own. They can easily get assigned work from teachers through Google Classroom. Lots of children and parents are getting stressed out due to all of the surrounding factors of coronavirus. 

Not only is the school work stressful, but for some, being stuck at home is also stressful. Not everyone is able to stay inside, they are some people who feel they need to get out and see friends. They feel they can’t sit still inside all of the time. The government has offered an alternative for those who want/need to get out. They have removed all admission fees to enter local parks. They have stated that anyone is free to go walk around the park but no one is permitted to play any sports in the park. They want people to be able to get out and not be stuck inside all of the time. However, if people don’t listen and play contact sports, leadership will be forced to shut down parks. The quarantine for coronavirus can be very difficult on extroverts and anyone who feels they can’t sit in one place for an extended period of time but for others, it is not too hard for them to stay inside.

There are people who aren’t struggling to stay inside and may be even enjoying the quarantine for coronavirus. For those with anxiety, just waking up and going to school can be very stressful. This can even affect their ability to work. Now with quarantine, those who are introverted don’t have to go out. They can stay inside and get all of their work done from home. Being more comfortable working at home, this can improve their work. People who may consider themselves as introverted may actually enjoy this time at home. They can get their work done and curl up with a good book or watch a movie. Even after an extended period of time, most introverts won’t get bored of staying home; if anything, they may get used to it and going back to their usual schedule may be very stressful for them. Introverts may be producing their best work during this time because they are very comfortable staying home.

The coronavirus is stressful on everyone and affects everyone in many different ways. Remember to be thoughtful of those around you, stay inside as much as possible and stay safe. 

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