8 Ways to Celebrate Graduation While Social Distancing

June 16, 2020

As the year is coming to an end, figuring out graduation for seniors hasn’t been easy.  From my perspective, and in case this scenario becomes an issue again in future years, here are eight ways to celebrate graduating high school while social distancing.


  1. A zoom ceremony

It’s not the same as a regular graduation, but getting all dressed up in your cap and gown and having a zoom call with all of your friends is a good option to end our senior year.


  1. Ceremony on the football field

Having a graduation ceremony with everyone all at the same place would be ideal. Setting up on the football field would not only allow us to follow all social distancing guidelines, but everyone would be able to finish our high school careers together.


  1. Parade on Eagle Drive

To social distance, we could have a parade on eagle drive. Pictures of all of the graduating seniors can be put up along the side of the road, and students could stop and get their diplomas at the end of it.


  1. Picking up a diploma at the school

This may not be ideal, but students could individually go to the school to pick up their diplomas, and say goodbye to all of their teachers one last time.


  1. Waiting until summer to graduate

Waiting until things go back to normal may be a good idea. We seniors should still have a ceremony to celebrate our accomplishments, but waiting will reduce the risk of anyone catching the virus, and we can still get the graduation we deserve.


  1. Ceremony on the beach

This one may not be the most realistic, but it could work. Having a ceremony on the beach would distance people far enough away from each other so we would be able to follow all social distancing guidelines.


  1. Diploma in the mail

Again, this is not the most ideal way to end our four years of high school, but at least we graduated!


  1. Connors Hot Dog Stand Graduation

Incorporating Connors in our graduation would not only honor Mr. Connors for everything he’s done for us but it also gives us a cool way to graduate

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