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Jill DeMaria, Staff

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On Tuesday, December 13, 2016, I had the opportunity to meet with Shannon Shepard, a sports journalist from Channel 4 News. Shepard was filming the gold footage of Lake Shore senior, Reann White, making her 1,000 career point in basketball. During this time I had the chance to ask Shepard questions about journalism as a career. Shepard told me that she didn’t always want to be a journalist, but had a change of heart when she began reporting Women’s Basketball from St. Bonaventure University as she majored in Marketing. She switched to Journalism her sophomore year of college, which she claims was, “the best decision I could have probably made.”

As a successful sports journalist, Shepard told me that, “Journalism is a very rewarding job even though the pay may not be the best.” Shepard also mentioned that it is rewarding because she gets to see milestones, like Reann White’s, within the local population. She believes this makes journalism one of the best jobs because her fringe benefit is getting to see the lives of the fellow Buffalonians.

Journalism is a career path that has many skills attached to it. According to Shepard, “Being trustworthy is the most important and rewarding part of the job.” She believes this because, “People are trusting you with their story and you telling it.” Another handy skill is listening. “Good listening skills are very useful for the job,” Shepard claimed. “You could miss the littlest detail and ruin the story.” Being creative is also useful in this career. “Being creative makes the story more exciting,” Shepard explained, “it is such a competitive, ugly, and catty field where you need to express your creativity to have the most interesting story.”

Shepard does everything for her stories on her own. She films, interviews, and edits her own stories. She brings a filming camera and WiFi with her wherever she goes to cover a story. “You should see some of the places I have to edit,” she began, “it’s usually on the floor.” All though it is a hard knock life being a broadcast journalist, Ms. Shepard says that she would not trade this career for the world!

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