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Lake Shore Varsity Basketball: The Difference

Regardless of their record the Varsity Basketball teams are the most popular sports here at Lake Shore. At 6-7 (non-league games included) their record isn’t the best but the Boys Basketball team draws a crowd due to competitive game play and a family atmosphere.

The crowd is full of parents, families and a fairly big student section to support the team after a win or even a loss. The student section is filled with handmade signs and chants that can be heard to help pump up the team.

Senior Captain, Josh Buchanan said, “Having a student section at the games gets me more excited than I already am to play and it just creates a greater atmosphere.”

Josh has had a great season so far, averaging 15.22 points per game, with 137 points overall for the season. Josh is followed by junior, Zach Evans averaging 11.44 points per game and Senior, Ajay Cybulski averaging 9.88 points per game.

The boys are all thankful that their friends and peers are there to watch them. It pushes them to “put on a show” for the crowd.

On the contrary, Girls Varsity Basketball stands out because of their amazing 8-1 record and their skill levels. Even with a good record and a competitive game the crowd size is very small compared to the boys team. The crowd usually consists of Lake Shore families and families from the opposing team.

Junior Captain, Sophie Snyder leads the team as one of the top scorers. She averages 14.22 points per game and has 133 points so far this season. Junior twins, Shawni Cornfield averaging 16.62 points per game and Lani Cornfield averaging 13.44 points per game.

Photo From Coach Lyford
Boys Varsity Basketball 2018-2019

Photo From Coach Arnone
Girls Varsity Basketball Team 2018-2019

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Lake Shore Varsity Basketball: The Difference